Gabrielle Bryers / Chelsea West Gallery presents the Comic Strip by Belgian artist Julien Friedler


From philosophy to psychoanalyses, artist Julien Friedler embarked in a visual art career to express his ideas about the social ideology structure of the society. His work is based on a 700 pages book of his authorship: “Le Livre du Boz” [“The Book of Boz”] from which he extracted the comic strip. The tale chronicles the story of an inquest led by 3 clowns, Jack Balance, the Man with the Mirrors “Moi” and Scribe in search of their own destiny; a desperate search of a Truth in a world that is getting lost. Tragic and funny, the images follow each other by the rhythm of a long unveiling story of which the ultimate meaning will be astonishing.

Julien Friedler was born in Brussels, Belgium, on November 13, 1950. In the late 70’s, as part of his psychoanalytical background, Friedler was analyzed by Jacques Lacan. In 1994 he founded his own research center, called “La Moire” to promote a multidisciplinary approach to the psycho based on an interrogation of Freudian texts.


As a writer, he published many books, among which: Psychanalyse et Neurosciences, ou La Legende du Boiteux (Paris: Presses Universitaires de France, 1995) as well as poetry, short stories, and other fictions. As an artist, Julien Friedler has had many solo exhibitions, among them: the Mudima Foundation in Milano (2003); DacilArt, Buenos Aires (2007); Sotheby’s, Munich (2008); Christopher Henry Gallery, New York (2009); the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sofia, Bulgaria (2009); Museu Brasileiro da Escultura in Sao Paolo, Brazil (2009); and has presented work at Jack Shainman Gallery, New York (2009). Friedler’s collective work “Around the Boz in 80 years” has been produced in France, Belgium, US, China, Togo, Mexico, Uruguay, Chile and Argentina.