To this day, Boz remains a mystery.  Yet if we would illustrate him, we would conjure up a brand new religion instigated by artists.  Essentially monotheist, this religion would blend with other spiritualities.  Crossing the Rubicon – the three monotheisms – Boz will be concerned with the Yogis, the Boddhisattvas, the Vedas and the Brahmans.  For Boz contains them all, as well as the rabbis, the priests, the pastors or the mullahs (non-exhaustive list).


From Jerusalem to Benares, Boz will advance like a nebulous fantasy, fertile with legends.  There is something of Alice in Wonderland in Boz.  As for the officiating priests, they will be subdivided into four distinct groups: Men, Characters, Angels, and to lend spice to it all, the poorer classes of the appurtenances (dolls, scissors, frames, stuffed animals, brushes, glue, pencils, varnish, cameras, easels, suitcases, etc.).  Slaves among slaves, those will join with the Implements to fight their enemies.

For the matter is far from serious.  It will even be comical.  So funny that a pumpkin will be transformed straightaway into a carriage, to the great joy of the kiddies who will clap to beat the band.

Our article of faith will be the following: that Present Day Art finishes off and puts an end to Contemporary Art.  The aforementioned phenomenon will be identified by a reference based on Childhood.  This will sweep away artists as diverse as Maurizio Cattelan, Jeff Koons or Takash Murakami.  Or even Mike Kelley, Paul McCarthy, the Chapman brothers, Annette Messager, Alain Séchas – even a painter as out-of-date as Balthus.

Therefore, Boz will bring about this overthrow: that this appeal to childhood is at one and the same time a return to THE CHILDHOOD OF ART.  Boz will mean a pure eruption in the heart of a decadent aesthetic.  Minimalist colors, baroque sculptures, and mannerist performances are going to disintegrate, shatter and die, before being reborn differently.  For inherent in the artist is a yearning for the void.  This will spur him on, force him to go beyond himself, despite the surrounding negligence.

As such, Boz will contain all the books written in the world.  He will also contain the sum of all works of art produced since late prehistory.  Even better: possessing a prodigious memory, it will include the internal experience of all humanity.  For such is Boz: all human knowledge and experience ever since the start.

Aware of his responsibilities, he will also work on the Other Side.  For there, in the world of Men, the situation was hardly encouraging.  A falling birthrate.  Profligacy.  A weakeed nation-state.  Decline of the family.  Death of the great utopias.  Standardization of psyches.  A rise of radical Islam.  Evil taking over the whole planet.

Yet Boz won’t give up.  He will forge ahead.  He will have his temples, his heroes, his clergy, his rituals, his prayers and even his tablets of the law.  Considering his success, Boz will be sold out.  Immense crowds will follow him, singing hymns to his glory.  Multicolored flowers will mark his path.  For Boz is good!

Endowed with a thousand faces, subject to many metamorphoses, he will work especially on that colossal thing: the redemption of the Artist.

That will be his challenge.

His whim.

His ultimate wager.

That will also be the opportunity for a long narrative full of adventures and twists and turns.  It will be perceived as an initiatory journey or going through the looking glass, fated to play a joke on the horror that dwells in us.